Catalina Camino

Day-hike in California’s best-kept secret

Catalina Camino is a series of hikes to explore the beauty of Santa Catalina Island and train for your next pilgrimage. It includes 8 stages, culminating in an 8-day, 7-night walking adventure across the island. We’ll cover a total of 150 miles from start to finish, the equivalent of walking from Astorga to Santiago de Compostela.

Each hike includes a hiker permit, a Catalina Camino credencial and a copy of the Insider’s Guide to Catalina.

You’ll get a stamp for each of the 8 stages, just like on the Camino de Santiago. 

  1. Intro to Catalina
  2. The Hills of Avalon
  3. Eucalyptus Ridge
  4. East End
  5. Secret Spots
  6. Two Harbors
  7. Airport in the Sky
  8. Trans Catalina Trail

THE BACKSTORY: When one door closes, another door opens. Unable to travel to Spain during the global events of 2020-21, I started a Camino-from-home, spending as much time outdoors as possible taking long walks in the neighborhood and exploring remote areas of town. Then I remembered Catalina. I trained for my first Camino in the hills of Santa Catalina Island more than a decade ago. Those hills were calling me back. During the height of global uncertainty, I spent several months on the island and became reacquainted with the charm of Avalon and the beauty of the interior. Living there gave me the inside scoop to what makes Catalina unique. I decided to share Catalina’s treasures with other walker-adventurers. Hence, Catalina Camino was born.

ABOUT CATALINA: Santa Catalina Island is one of 8 Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. Once owned by the Santa Catalina Island Company and majority shareholder William Wrigley Jr., 88% of the island was deeded in 1975 to the Catalina Conservancy.

 Just a short ferry ride from Dana Point, Long Beach or San Pedro, Catalina offers more than 165 miles of hiking trails and surprisingly few hikers. As part of the Catalina Camino, you’ll walk the flats of Avalon, pass historic mansions and landmarks, enjoy spectacular views from East Summit and East Mountain, see American bison roaming the hills, experience Little Harbor, Two Harbors and the Airport in the Sky, as well as view some of Catalina’s 60 endemic species, including the Catalina Island fox and St. Catherine’s lace. It’s a walking adventure like no other.

    Cost to participate: $55 per day-hike. Limited to 16 adventurers. Roundtrip ferry tickets are purchased separately from

    Get the details and reserve your spot by emailing ¡Buen camino!